Link execution to strategy will help you drive transparency, accountability & engagement within your team or company better than a kanban or automated dashboard

  • Your team are regularly exposed to high level business goals
  • You gain real time transparency into progress & status of Goals, Measures, Initiatives
  • Team execution is aligned with high level goals
  • Increased buy-in & confidence from stakeholders
  • Increased engagement from the folks who're executing
  • High quality discussions around delivering business value not projects or features
  • Ability to review past quarters, understand why initiatives didn't work out or certain decisions were made
  • And many more - sign up today!
Most companies use software to track work, but not the strategy informing that work simplifies your planning & execution workflow communicates the strategy as well as how your teams are executing against it - in real time.

By drawing a link from strategy to execution you gain the transparency needed to ensure alignment, drive engagement & increase your probability of success.

Communicate more than just strategy with
Internalize the mission & vision as you grow with Initiatively
Your investment per employee to internalize strategy & based on their understanding, execute in-line with the mission & vision de-creases using

Teams executing day-in-day-out easily become fixated on projects, features, streams of work.

The framework is an abstraction layer, relating day-to-day execution with the bigger picture to driving meaningful conversation & creative problem solving linked to business value.

Less meetings, less wondering if your teams are aligned - your team always know the "why"

You gain a high level overview of progress, status & performance

Because execution is linked to strategic goals via metrics that matter - you get a real time dashboard conveying progressing.

If you need more fidelity - you can drill down into the details. No need to switch applications, schedule a meeting or ask for a status report it's all in one place.

Continuity of reporting as well as consistency in formatting allows easy comparison between the past, the present as well as adjacent items - because of the structure brings - you're always comparing apples with apples.

Increase your impact by leveraging knowledge of past performance
Build a knowledge base to empower future planning
You're building a knowledge base to increase future impact

Imagine your company or team could interrogate previous quarters in a way most cannot. Leveraging this insight into the past - to plan better future quarters. Your team could double down on initiatives likely to deliver your mission & vision - avoiding those which wont.

Simply by using you're building a knowledge base which can increase your impact with every future quarter.

Planning future quarters is easy

Here our High Level area of focus is Revenue Growth the Goal is Increase recurring revenue - we're adding a new Measure for this Goal: Average customer value increased from $90 to $110 & later, we'll add Initiatives to drive this Measure.

Your teams can plan out quarters as they go, in sessions prior to starting a new quarter or at the start of the year if you're beginning with a longer term outlook.

Understand progress & status of work in progress

Here we're looking at Initiatives in progress. Initiatives are "work" & are assigned to a measure which is assigned to a goal. Progress bars also indicate status using a traffic light system with accompanying text to provide context. We can filter by status, team or high level goal.

High level overview of important metrics

Here we're taking a quick look at 2 measures. They are Get 10,000 users by March and Quarterly Revenue of $250k by March - clicking the pie charts launches a modal showing the latest update for each measure, a bar chart showing where team members have logged updates in this quarter. Below this lives a chronological list of the updates for each measure.

Understand progress & status of projects / programs of work over time

Here we're looking at the details for an Initiative. In addition to title, assignee, due date and progress - we're able to see updates for this Initiative over time. This chronological record is vital to understanding how this Initiative is actually tracking. Because it's all in one place, we can quickly understand the progress we've made and if we're on track or not.

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