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Transforming your strategy document into a manageable, living entity is a good idea. Because things change. solves the lack of visibility problem into what we're doing, why & how it's going. This lack of visibility is usually most pronounced in the time periods between creation of a company/board or investor update document.

To bridge this gap & manage strategy execution today, most businesses rely on regular 1:1s, all team or all departments meetings plus the creation of static documents, maybe a dashboard or two.

Adopting can negate the need to regularly create static documents for conveying progress & status also likely that meeting or two.

For the meetings you retain, helps cover plans, progress & status - in a smoother, more focused manner - allowing you to better manage your strategy execution, easier. increases fidelity of strategic execution driving high level goals of the individual, team, teams or company

Employing a cascading structure allows to link projects / programs of work which we call Initiatives by metrics they influence to the high level strategic goals they drive.

This cascading structure allows you to introduce the sufficient level of rigor in ensuring strategy execution is aligned to the high level goals & metrics that matter.

Benefits of adopting dedicated Strategy Execution Software for yourself, your team, teams or company:

At a glance overviews of metrics that matter
Enables drill down into details as required
Draw a line from execution to high level goals
Visualizes progress & status for measures, initiatives
Prompts assignees to update progress & status
One click PDF export of current progress & status relative to Goals
Stores & presents updates in chronological order for continuity
Initiatives in progress overview for meetings
Encourages creative problem solving
Instills your company or department's mission & vision into the workflow
Review past quarters, see what worked, what didn't or provide context to new starters
Keeps 1:1s on track and focussed using views of an individual's work in progress, plans

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