Keep your distributed team on the same page

Distance & timezones impact transparency, alignment. shows how distributed, multidisciplinary teams contribute to high level goals.

Try for Free helps align distributed teams to the mission & vision
Ensure your teams work on the right things

When multidisciplinary teams are distributed it's tough to be on the same page. Each team usually manages their work in their own suite of tools. acts as a skinny over the top layer linking the activities teams are carrying out to high level goals.

Categories are a means to seperate goals into areas of focus, teams or business units
Show how your team or colleague's work contributes

When execution is not linked to strategy, seeking the truth of what your team/company is doing & why is impossible. Getting off course, straying from the mission & vision is very easy.

When execution is clearly linked to strategy & shared between your colleagues - everyone gains a sense of control, progress and connectedness to the mission and vision.

All items within ultimately link to a high level goal
Screenshot of the performance of a measure in
Gain a high level overview of your teams, business units or areas of focus

Get a sense of where you're at with each goal here. See the Goals for each Category, their latest update(timestamped) also the percentage completion of each Goal's Measures.

Understand the status of your goals
Also gain a high level overview of progress towards goals

See the percentage completion of each Goal also it's latest update. Screenshot this for a powerpoint slide or send in an email update quickly update stakeholders.

See how metrics are progressing
Get into detail for the metrics that matter

Here we have self reported progress of a measure over the course of a quarter. Along with the quantitative update the assignee has left a qualitative text update.

Use this system of record to plan our next quarter, onboard new staff or review our past performance.

Get an overview of your team's execution
Understand the execution of your team

Gain a sense of progress, confidence & buy-in that we're moving in the right direction.

Dashboard overview's dashboard view focusses you on the current quarter every time. You can move to past or future quarters to plan head or review performance. Each quarter take a few minutes to enter the Goals, Measures & Initiatives for that quarter. Each week initiative owners are reminded to leave a quick update on their current progress & status.

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