Our goal is to increase success in every workplace

By making it easy to link execution with strategy initiative.ly aims to improve communication & engagement in the workplace

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We're for quarterly planning

We've designed initiative.ly to help you and your team relate day to day execution over a quarterly period to business goals & metrics. This is important because a quarter is the ideal block of time to set Goals large enough to drive your long term vision yet tactical enough to facilitate monthly, weekly & daily planning.

We've made it easy to look at past quarters - that's important because it drives understanding of what worked, what didn't - it's also super useful for new starters who benefit immensely from the context provided

We're for strategy execution

initiative.ly introduces high level & detailed views around what we're doing, why - what we've planned, why - what we've done and how it performed.

This is important because now you have an awesome way to show your team or stakeholders where we are, where we need to be and how much time we have to get there. You can identify metrics which haven't been moving - check the completed, current and planned activity associated with it to make a call early as to whether we need to plan more work, increase the priority or leave it as is.

We're for ambitious folks

Chances are using initiative.ly is going to radically increase transparency around your personal work, your team, teams or companies work. This is important to ambitious people because transparency drives accountability & engagement. The best teams are engaged - working towards common goals, accountable - taking responsibility for their actions and engaged - they care about what they're doing because they know how it drives high level goals.

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