Low fidelity mockup of the Initiative.ly dashboard showing people assigned to initiatives and measures

Keep high level goals on track

Most of us use software to track work, but what about quarterly strategies? Manage Strategy Execution with Initiative.ly.

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Manage one or more teams or run the whole company?

You should use Initiative.ly to plan & communicate your quarterly strategies, to report on progress, status as well as performance during the quarter.

Ambitious individual contributor?

Initiative.ly will help you be more transparent & save you time communicating what you're doing, why and how it's all going.

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Communicate more than just strategy with Initiative.ly
Low fidelity mockup of the Initiative.ly dashboard showing people assigned to initiatives and measures

Manage Strategy Execution

Know how your mission & vision are being executed.

Reduce time spent in meetings & admin overhead for communicating plans, progress & status.

Easily demonstrate progress, status and alignment with Initiative.ly by transforming your strategy document into a living entity you can draw a direct line from execution to strategy.

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Plan & Deliver Quarterly

A quarter is the ideal block of time to set Goals large enough to drive your long term vision yet tactical enough to facilitate monthly, weekly & daily planning.

With Initiative.ly - set up your quarterly plan within minutes, easily update progress, status & plan ahead at anytime.

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Read more about Quarterly planning with Initiative.ly

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Increase Alignment & Transparency

Taking the time to articulate the mission, vision & high level goals is so important

Still having done this, there is no guarantee plans and work in progress are aligned. For many, the two are very disjointed leading to wasted time & effort.

Initiative.ly brings high level goals & planning into one place - using a cascading hierarchy Initiative.ly shows how plans or work in progress - aligns with business goals & the metrics that matter.

Strategy execution with Initiative.ly

Understand Progress & Status

The sooner you know something is slipping, the sooner you can intervene.

Initiative.ly uses a simple, traffic light system alongside a progress bar to indicate where measures or initiatives not going to plan.

In addition to keeping historical updates for measures and initiatives close by in chronological order - you have information to act quickly.

Strategy execution with Initiative.ly

By rolling up team and individual efforts to high level business goals we're driving engagement

Drive Alignment

Tie execution to strategy.

Activities all roll up the company level, measures and initiatives are visible driving transparency

Execute Strategy

Know progress & status cold.

Initiative.ly provides a structured framework for planning quarters

Plan Quarterly

Focus your teams on execution

Keep your Team, Teams, Company & Stakeholders informed


Increase engagement

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Hi There!

Paul Alvares, founder of Initiative.ly here - thank you for your interest in Initiative.ly.
Do you have any questions or feedback? Please reach out, talking to potential and existing users is high on my agenda.

I've created Initiative.ly to make it possible for you to easily link execution with strategy, plan & manage execution of quarters & to communicate progress & status with your team or stakeholders.

Whether you're the Founder/CEO, on the leadership team, leading a team or an ambitious individual - Initiative.ly makes it easier to seek the truth about what we're doing and why. Increase alignment, transparency, engagement and importantly results.

Benefits you can expect from using Initiative.ly

  • Assuredness that your team are regularly exposed to the high level business goals
  • Real time transparency into progress & status of planned Initiatives
  • Team's execution is aligned with high level goals
  • Increased buy-in and confidence from stakeholders
  • Increased engagement from the folks who're executing
  • Have better discussions around delivering business value not projects or features.
  • Ability to review past quarters, understand why initiatives didn't work out or certain decisions were made
  • And many more - sign up today!
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