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Create transparency & drive alignment, engagement by linking day to day activities, progress, status to high level Goals

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Illustration of how Initiative.ly ties goals, to measures, to Initiatives for each Quarter
Is your team working on the right things?

When execution is not aligned to Goals you're burning time, money & effort. Easily link all initiatives to Goals ensuring we're aligned, working on the right things with initiative.ly.

Is work in progress on track?

Quickly spotting Initiatives or Measures which not performing means we can act to get them back on track sooner. Initiative.ly makes it easy to stay on top of all aspects of your strategy.

Initiative.ly works quarterly, like you
Execute in this quarter

Initiative.ly's dashboard reflects the current quarter's Goals, Measures & Initiatives

Plan future quarters

Planning future quarters is easy, create new Goals or share existing Goals forward.

Review past quarters

Initiative.ly collects, visualizes & presents updates chronologically helping you understand what worked & what didn't.

Screenshot showing what we're doing, why - key dates, detailed progress & status updates
See how Goals link to Initiatives, key dates, performance of Measures as well as high-level & detailed progress & status updates.
Increase stakeholder buy-in, confidence

Initiative.ly helps you increase stakeholder confidence and buy-in by making it easy to demonstrate how initiatives you've your completed, initiatives in progress & planned initiatives contribute to high level goals via the metrics that matter.

Increase team engagement

Initiative.ly gives you engaging views to objectively show your colleagues & resources how their work contributes to the bigger picture vision - demonstrate where you are relative to where you need to be as a team & how much time you all have to get there.

What is your specific use case?
Driving alignment across multidisciplinary teams

Initiative.ly helps teams demonstrate alignment to high level goals.

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Managing or part of a distributed team

Initiative.ly helps with the challenges of different timezones & distance.

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Looking for a quarterly planning tool

Initiative.ly is purpose built to help you plan & execute on a quarterly basis.

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Looking for lightweight OKR tool

Initiative.ly is an effective tool to manage your personal, team or company's OKRs.

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