Achieve your company’s strategy as a team

Reduce communication friction & silos, increase clarity & collaboration

Teams aligned to a strategy achieve great things

A small, determined team can execute a strategy with intense alignment. It is much more difficult as companies scaleup to achieve this alignment & focus. helps leaders align internal teams to a company's strategy

Making it easier to see how your organization is working towards it's Goals.

Keep your high level goals on track by managing Team Initiatives with

Explore the Dashboard in more detail:

The Dashboard


Categories represent strategic focus (e.g. Growth, Service Excellence) areas or teams (e.g. Core, Shipping, Checkout).


High-level, qualitative, inspiring. Usually there are 3-5 Goals per quarter.


Quantitative indicators that we're working towards our Goals. Usually there are 3 Measures per Goal.


High-level snapshots of activities being executed. Initiatives are assigned to the Measure they are most aligned with.

Why use

Transform your strategy document, increase rigor around execution.


Instill the mission & vision in your team as you grow. encouraces creative problem solving in line with your company goals.


Teams work together towards clearly defined Goals.

Engage staff by showing them how they contribute to the bigger picture. Reduce possibility of teams working in opposing directions.


All team updates are in one place, in one format.

Enjoy considerable time saved preparing for board reports, leadership team meetings, 1:1s across your leadership team.

When to use

Communicate what is happening within the business & why to co-located or distributed teams, investors, advisors or founders.

1:1s & Team meetings

Drive accountability & creative problem solving with discussion centered on goals not features/projects.

Leadership meetings

Discuss the high-level progress & status of Goals, drill down to Measures & Initiatives as required.

Plan quarters

Define Goals for that period, the appropriate Measures & let your team create the Initiatives required to achieve those Goals.

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