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Track & manage the many initiatives on your team, company or personal radar

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Illustration of how Initiative.ly ties goals, to measures, to Initiatives for each Quarter

Ambitious teams set goals & track progress

Initiative.ly software is built for you, your team or company to plan, track & achieve great outcomes each quarter.

Plan quarters

Set & link high level areas of focus with qualitiative & quantitative goals.

Link strategy to execution

Link initiatives with qual & quant goals to easily demonstrate how goals are being worked towards.

Track Progress

Update progress & status throughout the quarter - maintain continuity, keep items from falling off the radar.

Benefits of using Initiative.ly

You're always ready to update

With all your team's initiatives in one place, updated regularly with qual & quant feedback you're ready for WIPs, update meetings even board/investor reports.

You know what was worked on & why

Revisit previous quarters easily to understand what initiatives were worked on, why, how initiatives performed as well as any mitigating factors.

Initiatives stay on the radar

Managing multiple initiatives across many streams of work is tough. Initiative.ly helps you effectively track & manage your Initiatives.

The goalposts are clear

Because initiatives are linked to outcomes, metrics & goal - we know where these are up to also where they need to be.

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